If your directly in Charge of an orphange:
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send a stamped envelope (with 3 un-used stamps inluded inside the envelope so that I can write you back with the information that you requested, and if I have any questions at any time a can write you back.) to:

Nicole D.
P.O. Box 2174
West Columbia, S.C. 29171

,with the following information included:




Phone number:

Language spoken:

Tell me abou your orphanage and how many kids are there:

Tell me how many kids or teens you need to write to your teens or kids at your orphanage. You also need to give the names, sex, and age of all the orphans you would like to recieve pen-friends for:

IF YOU DO NOT INCLUDE A STAMP WITH-IN THE ENVELOPE YOU WILL NOT RECIEVE A RESPONSE. If you leave out any information, you will also not recieve a response.

Thanks for your time and concern
-Nicole D.
if you would like the banner on the left on your website PLEASE contact me at : Acid_Burn@nicolesmail.com ASAP