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Get N 2 The Act!!!!!
Hi, I'm Nicole Day and I'm starting a NEW program that involves Children's Orphanages with Kid's & Teens around the world.
Become a part of it
If you are a child or teen, ages 5-17, who would like to write to children in orphanages, please go to the contact page for more information.

A orphan wanting to write a kid or teen
Orphans looking to write Kids or teens go to COSTOM PAGE 2 for more information.

Orphans looking to write other orphans go to COSTOM PAGE 3 for more information.

If youar are directly in charge of an orphanage, and would like to see about having kids and teens write to your orphanage please go to Costom Page 4 for more information.

Note: All kids who write through this service
MUST be 5-17!!!
' target=fs_body>Post a message obout Orphanages, military/boarding schools, or teen news

What's this all about anyway???
To find out what UNITE THE WORLD is all abot please go to the ABOUT PAGE.

To read about, and see pictures of people that have been through our service go to the PHOTO PAGE!!!

IF you have any questions, please E-mail me.

A pic of a member in our largely growing family.
If you have been connected to other people through this service and would like to see your picture in the above space please e-mail your picture to me at

Sign my Guestbook

We can not be held responsible for harm that comes from this FREE service